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'Prisoners of money unhappy' says pope

Appeals for young people to ignore lure of Mammon

03 March, 14:17
'Prisoners of money unhappy' says pope (ANSA) - Vatican City, March 3 - "Prisoners of money" are unhappy and far from God, Pope Francis said Monday.

Becoming "imprisoned" by money, even if it is honestly earned, "makes people unhappy and moves them away from God", Francis said at a mass at St Martha's House, the Vatican hostel he lives in. The pope, who has often warned about the ill-effects of Mammon and global neoliberal capitalism, noted that many "good" young people fall into this trap.

Francis voiced the hope that the Catholic Church's vocational crisis in the developed world could be defeated by young people not giving in to the lure of material success.

"May many young people answer God's call by forgoing their own interests, and may they become priests and nuns, free from the idolatry of vanity, power and money", said the Argentine pontiff.