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Shots fired into anti-Camorra priest's car

Father Luigi Merola has received death threats from Naples Mob

28 February, 13:36
Shots fired into anti-Camorra priest's car (ANSA) - Naples, February 28 - Two shots were fired Thursday night into the car of Naples anti-Camorra priest Father Luigi Merola, police said Friday. The incident took place outside the priest's home at Marano di Napoli. Father Merola, 42, has been fighting the Naples Mob for years and has received a number of death threats.

He opened a school in honour of Annalisa Durante, a 14-year-old schoolgirl shot as a bystander to a Camorra gunfight in March 2004.

Father Merola has also set up an anti-Camorra children's association aimed at keeping kids out of the Mob's clutches, 'A voce de creaturi' (Children's Voices).