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Pope Francis calls for compassion toward failed marriage

Pope says 'Accompany, don't condemn' couples for failed love

28 February, 12:48
Pope Francis calls for compassion toward failed marriage (updates previous).

(ANSA) - Vatican City, February 28 - Pope Francis on Friday preached compassion for people in failed marriages in a homily at Saint Martha’s House, the Vatican guest house used by the pope as a residence. “Accompany, don’t condemn” couples for their “failure” to maintain love for each other, the pope said.

“When a man leaves his father and mother to couple with a woman, to become one body (with her) and go forward, and this love fails - because so often it fails - we should feel the pain of the failure, accompany those people who have had this failure in their own love,” said Francis according to excerpts published by Vatican Radio.

“Don’t condemn them! Walk with them. Don’t make a case study of their situation,” the pope went on. “This is the trap. Behind the case study, there is always a trap. Always! Against the people, against God, always! ‘Is it okay to do this? To repudiate one’s own wife?’ And Jesus responded, asking them what the law said and explaining why Moses made this law this way. But he did not stop there”. “Think about this design of love, this walk toward Christian matrimonial love, that God blessed in the masterpiece of His Creation”.