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Italy drops plans for Web tax, for now

Renzi says issue will be discussed at EU level

28 February, 14:48
Italy drops plans for Web tax, for now (ANSA) - Rome, February 28 - Premier Matteo Renzi said Friday that Italy has dropped plans to introduce a Web tax for now. The Web tax was announced in December as part of budget measures by the administration of Renzi's predecessor, Enrico Letta.

The aim was to force companies that advertise products over the Internet in Italy, such as Google, Yahoo and Facebook, to do so only through companies that have a registered tax presence in the nation.

But the Letta government put the tax on hold after the European Commission said it may breach EU law.

And now Renzi, who was sworn in last weekend, has said the plan has been shelved until there is agreement at the European Union level.

"The Web tax has been removed," Renzi replied to a Twitter user who asked about it following Friday's cabinet meeting.

"We'll talk about it again within the European regulatory framework".