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Govt approves funds to avert Rome shutdown

Papal festivities, bus services had been in jeopardy

28 February, 13:36
Govt approves funds to avert Rome shutdown (ANSA) - Rome, February 28 - The cabinet of Premier Matteo Renzi on Friday approved a decree granting provisions for basic services in Rome after the mayor warned the capital risked grinding to a halt as soon as Sunday over a budget shortfall. The decree also includes funds for local bodies such as Milan Expo 2015 and the region of Sardinia for flood relief.

If Rome did not get an injection of funds, it risked losing bus service, crucial road repairs, and even the ability to host the April canonisation of popes John XXIII and John Paul II, according to Rome Mayor Ignazio Marino. The mayor made his plea in a media blitz Thursday that irked the premier, who chided him for his tone, which at times was critical of the fledgling government for not acting faster. (photo: Rome Mayor Ignazio Marino)