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Victim of Camorra ambush killed by mistake

Incident reminiscent of opening scene in film 'Gomorrah'

27 February, 16:39
Victim of Camorra ambush killed by mistake

(ANSA) - Naples, February 27 - One of the men shot and killed in a tanning salon in the town of Arzano, near Naples, on Wednesday evening may have been killed by mistake, investigators said Thursday.

Police believe the hired assassins only intended to kill Ciro Casone, 57, and not Vincenzo Ferrante, 30, who allegedly had no connection with Casone.

Ferrante is thought to have been killed when the shooters opened fire indiscriminately inside the salon while making their getaway. Two women - Casone's girlfriend and the owner of the beauty parlour - were also injured in the attack. The incident has been compared to the opening scene of Matteo Garrone's acclaimed 2008 film 'Gomorrah' about the Neapolitan Camorra crime syndicate inspired by the book of the same name by Roberto Saviano.