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Robots made for the elderly unveiled in Italy

One for chores, one for safety, one for getting around

27 February, 16:14
Robots made for the elderly unveiled in Italy (ANSA) - Peccioli, February 27 - Robots engineered to help the elderly do such tasks as grocery shopping and taking a walk were unveiled near Pisa Thursday. Under the auspices of the Europe-wide Robot Era project, scientists showcased three separate robots, each designed for a different task. One is designed to help senior citizens with household chores, ranging from buying products online to aiding them in taking medication. Another keeps an eye on a person's safety, especially with regard to mobility issues. And the third helps the elderly move about outside the home in such diverse environments as taking out the trash to shopping about town. With one of the oldest populations in Europe, Italy is an important proving ground for the products, which so far have been tested on 70 senior citizens in and around Pisa.

The Robot Era project is coordinated by the Biorobotics Institute at the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna in Pisa.