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Man accused of taxi driver death under house arrest

Faces involuntary manslaughter due to 'provocation'

27 February, 14:23
Man accused of taxi driver death under house arrest (ANSA) - Milan, February 27 - A preliminary investigations judge in Milan on Thursday commuted the detention of a man believed responsible for killing a local taxi driver in a road-rage dispute to house arrest and downgraded the manslaughter charges against him.

Davide Guglielmo Righi, a 48-year-old computer consultant, now faces charges of involuntary manslaughter after throwing a pack of water bottles in the face of Alfredo Famoso, 68, on Sunday after the taxi driver allegedly failed to respect his right-of-way at a zebra crossing.

Famoso subsequently died from his injuries, including brain hemorrhaging, on Tuesday. Prosecutors had requested charges of voluntary manslaughter, arguing that Righi accepted the risk of causing death when he hurled the bottles at Famoso.

However Milan judge Gianfranco Criscione acknowledged that the defendant had been provoked.

The taxi driver allegedly stopped abruptly at the crossing, nearly hitting pedestrians Righi and his eight-month-pregnant companion. Righi said Famoso then got out of his vehicle in an aggressive and threatening manner. An autopsy will be carried out later this week or early next week to establish whether Famoso was killed by the impact of the water bottles or his fall to the ground.

"The death to Alfredo Famoso was caused by a senseless and terrible act. No reason can explain that behavior. Now is the time to rally around his family," Milan Mayor Giuliano Pisapia said.