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King Abdullah presents Jordon investment climate in Far East

Royal visit to Singapore, Indonesia 'fruitful'

27 February, 16:43
King Abdullah presents Jordon investment climate in Far East (ANSA) - Aqaba, February 27 - King Abdullah II's recent visit to Singapore and Indonesia to present Jordan's strengths as an investment destination was a big success, according to Professor Kamel Mahadin, Chief Commissioner of Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (ASEZA) and a part of the delegation.

The visit confirmed the great respect that the king and Jordan enjoy in the international arena, Dr. Mahadin said. "His majesty's visit to Indonesia and Singapore highlighted his majesty's role and stature in economic affairs, as his majesty conducted many fruitful meetings to show the competitive investment climate that Jordan possesses, in addition to the stability and safety that Jordan enjoys," Mahadin said. After attending a high-profile meeting with leading businessmen and investors in Singapore in honor of the king, Mahadin said the extremely successful visit showed that building cooperation between both countries is a great opportunity. Mahadin noted that discussions are currently taking place on developing cooperation with the Indonesian Technical College.

This is a promising opportunity as cooperation will be in the fields of training and capacity-building for major institutions in Aqaba, including its ports and airport.

It will also benefit the middle and upper management of the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (ASEZA) and Aqaba Development Corporation (ADC) in subjects related to civil service and administrative and institutional development. "We discussed cooperation methods in the fields of hospitality training, vocational training for health services, community services, coastal management, and environmental reserves protection and management, in relation to cooperation between ASEZA, the Albalqa Applied University and the Indonesian counterpart.

During the visit to Jakarta, Mahadin gave a presentation on the competitive investment climate that Aqaba enjoys as part of a meeting with major businessmen and investors. He highlighted the numerous investment opportunities the zone offers in the fields of tourism, logistic services and light industries.

He also spoke of the success the zone has witnessed and its transformation into a world-class business hub and leisure destination.

Mahadin explained that Aqaba wanted to capitalize on the royal visits to Singapore and Indonesia as both countries are renowned for their economic models and their achievements in this regards. The Chairman of Aqaba Chamber of Commerce played a significant role in promoting Aqaba and Jordan during the visit.

Nael Raja Hasan Kabariti invited Indonesian businesses to invest in Aqaba and establish a business park that would serve their aspirations to reach new markets as they could benefit from Aqaba's multi-model transportation network as well as its market access.