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Italians and French make least faithful partners

'Berlusconi, Hollande represent their countries well' study says

27 February, 16:29
Italians and French make least faithful partners (ANSA) - Paris, February 27 - Italians and the French make the most unfaithful partners in Europe, with more than one man in two and roughly one woman in three admitting to have cheated, according to a French study issued Thursday. "After all the hype surrounding (French President Francois) Hollande's love life, and articles in foreign media about the fickle nature of the French, the data confirms the stereotypes about Latin men being particularly unfaithful," said Francois Kraus, head of the Ifop agency behind the study. Researchers, who surveyed 4,800 people across Europe, said male promiscuity was less prominent in countries that are predominantly Protestant, such as Britain and Germany. "In the end, Hollande and (Italian ex-premier Silvio) Berlusconi represent their respective countries rather well," added Kraus.