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Squinzi withholds opinion of Renzi government

Says new premier talks well, but performance to be seen

26 February, 15:55
Squinzi withholds opinion of Renzi government (ANSA) - Rome, February 26 - Speaking at a conference on quality certifications, the chief of the Italian industrialists' association Confindustria on Wednesday compared Italy's newly formed government, headed by Premier Matteo Renzi, to an untested product he could not yet endorse.

"Certifications are always given on the basis of data, concrete data, which we are waiting to see," Giorgio Squinzi said.

"(Speaking) in the Senate and in the House, Renzi has certainly captured the issues on which we must act".

But Squinzi expressed disappointed with Renzi's predecessor, ex-premier Enrico Letta, who also showed promising vision.

Renzi, like Letta, belongs to the centre-left Democratic Party (PD); and Renzi, like Letta, cobbled together a left-right coalition that includes New Center Right (NCD) leader Angelino Alfano. Letta's short-lived, fragile government was plagued by left-right disputes and has been criticized for letting political survival take precedence over needed reforms. "I had and still have great respect for Enrico Letta as a person. Unfortunately as a government (head), he was not able to keep the promises he made to businesses," said Squinzi.

Squinzi laid out high priorities for industrialists - reducing the tax burden on labour, additional tax reforms and simplification of bureaucracy. Asked whether he thought Renzi could accomplish them, Squinzi said, "I don't know. I don't have the elements to say.

Let's hope it happens. I hope it is possible. Let's wish for it for the country".