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Renzi has 'ambitions for Europe and Italy' says EC

Europe expresses great hopes for new PM

26 February, 14:39
Renzi has 'ambitions for Europe and Italy' says EC (ANSA) - Brussels, February 26 - The spokesman for the European Commission said Wednesday that Italy's new premier, Matteo Renzi, had expressed ambitions for Europe and for Italy. Spokesman Olivier Bailly added that this was "the most that could be hoped for from a leader," and that it is important Italy has ideas on how to advance Europe and on the direction that it must take. "Every country has its own vision and contributes to the direction" that the EU will take, said Bailly.

Renzi said at a meeting with local government representatives in Treviso, northern Italy, that the country needs to show leadership in the European Union and push for a new path based on promoting employment and economic growth after years of austerity policies promoted by Berlin. No meetings have yet been scheduled in Brussels between EC President José Barroso and Renzi. The spokesman noted that Barroso would in any case be outside Brussels for prior institutional commitments.