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Italian woman aiming to pedal around the world in 145 days

Alpine climber Gianotti's 'way of dealing with crisis'

26 February, 20:01
Italian woman aiming to pedal around the world in 145 days (ANSA) - Turin, February 26 - A 32-year-old Italian cyclist and mountain climber has set her sights on pedaling around the world in 145 days. If successful, Paola Gianotti will be the second woman ever to do so, after the Greek Juliana Bhuring first managed the feat in 2012.

On March 8, Gianotti will be taking off from her hometown Ivrea in northwestern Italy and will be cycling 30,000 km across several continents. She has experience in endurance events and Alpine climbing, and trained with the help of doctors and experts for the undertaking.

Her decision to do so came after the economic crisis forced her to shut down her business. Gianotti said at the Turin presentation for the trip that instead of seeing it as a defeat, she took it as an opportunity "to reinvent myself". She will be cycling to Lisbon to then take a plane to South America, cross the Andes and head for North America before flying to Australia and Asia. She will be helped by a camper and two assistants in charge of logistics.