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Harrods suspends sale of suspicious olive oil

Product sold in upscale store falsely labeled as Made in Italy

26 February, 16:20
Harrods suspends sale of suspicious olive oil (ANSA) - Rome, February 26 - Upscale English department store Harrods has suspended sales of a line of extra virgin olive oil labeled as made in Italy after questions were raised about its true origins.

The oil was labeled as meeting the specific conditions to obtain an official IGP - Protected Geographical Indication - designation that is supposed to guarantee the product was made from olives grown, pressed and bottled in Tuscany.

However, investigators found that the oil had been bought in bulk from a Tuscan business and bottled in England.

Italian authorities, who asked Harrods to remove the product from their shelves and the store's Internet sales inventory, said the discovery and suspension of marketing by Harrods demonstrated the value of Italy's commitment to fighting counterfeiting. IGP products are protected from counterfeiting by European Union authorities.