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Four detained for mafia extortion near Naples

Suspects linked to Moccia clan of Camorra, investigators say

26 February, 12:22
Four detained for mafia extortion near Naples (ANSA) - Naples, February 26 - Naples anti-mafia police on Wednesday detained four people allegedly affiliated with the Moccia clan of the Neapolitan Camorra mafia.

The suspects are accused of aggravated extortion of a public contractor. The businessman had been awarded several public bids in the town of Afragola, in the Naples area, for the installment and maintenance of public lighting.

The operation conducted by the Anti-mafia Investigative Directive (DIA) - at the request of the Naples court on behalf of DDA anti-mafia investigators - aimed to protect the safety of the victim.

The contractor endured mafia-style, periodic harassment for thousands of euros at a time, dating back to 2011, investigators said.

Investigators believe Giovanni Del Prete, 27, acted as the negotiator for the so-called ''pizzo'' or extortion payment. Del Prete has a past arrest record for the same crime dating to October 2012.

Leopoldo Tremante, 57, is accused of acting as an intermediary.

Also detained were Antonio Del Prete, 29 and Giovanni Castiello, 42.