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Over half of Italy's 30-somethings still get allowance

Almost 80% of under-34s get pocket money from mom and dad

25 February, 16:31
Over half of Italy's 30-somethings still get allowance (ANSA) - Rome, February 25 - More than half of Italy's 30-somethings get an allowance from their parents, while another 3% get financial help from their grandparents or other relatives, a study by farmers' group Coldiretti revealed Tuesday.

The report, unveiled at a conference in Rome devoted to young entrepreneurs, said the percentage skyrockets to 79% when considering only those under the age of 34. The study said the numbers made sense when considering high youth unemployment in Italy - over 40% for under-25s - forcing 75% of young people to live with their parents. Coldiretti said youths living with their parents tend to make themselves useful, with 76% shopping for groceries, 73% cooking, and 60% doing other household chores. Still, some 16% of young Italians living at home don't make their own beds.