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M5S tell House to snap out of Renzi-induced 'hypnosis'

Members snap fingers during new govt confidence vote debate

25 February, 15:19
M5S tell House to snap out of Renzi-induced 'hypnosis' (ANSA) - Rome, February 25 - Members of the anti-establishment Five-Star Movement (M5S) snapped their fingers during a parliamentary debate on Tuesday in a call to snap out of what they described as the "mass hypnosis" created by Italy's young new Premier Matteo Renzi. The center-left Democratic Party (PD) secretary has "refined manipulative techniques" until now displayed only by ex-premier Silvio Berlusconi, said Mirko Busto of M5S. "I believed them until someone snapped their fingers," he added.

"This is the movement's real task: to finger snap to overcome the state of mass hypnosis".

The representatives of the movement led by comedian-turned-politician Beppe Grillo made the unusual protest during a House debate ahead of a vote of confidence in the new executive, which was sworn in on Saturday. Renzi and his team obtained the confidence of the Senate, Italy's upper house, late Monday.