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Life sentence for killer-rapist of teen

Body hidden in Tuscan olive grove

25 February, 14:20
Life sentence for killer-rapist of teen (ANSA) - Castagneto Carducci, February 25 - A 35-year-old man convicted of raping and killing a 19-year-old in a Tuscan olive grove has been sentenced to life in prison.

Ablaye Ndoye, a Senegalese national who was also found guilty of multiple counts of sale of drugs, raped and killed Ilaria Leone in the countryside near the Italian port city of Livorno. Incriminating evidence included traces of the victim's blood on Ndoye's trousers and his semen on the body. Investigators say that the man murdered the young woman while attempting to rape her. According to the reconstruction of the crime, Ndoye grabbed Leone by the neck and beat her so badly she choked to death on her own blood. Ndoye then dragged the body for a few meters and covered it with branches before leaving the scene.