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Bureaucracy 'worse' than the mafia, Confindustria says

Sicily chapter denounces invisible, multifaceted red tape

25 February, 18:37
Bureaucracy 'worse' than the mafia, Confindustria says (ANSA) - Palermo, February 25 - Bureaucracy is more to be feared than organised crime, a representative of the influential industrial employers' association Confindustria said Tuesday.

Red tape is worse than the mafia because it is invisible and has many different facets, said Antonello Montante, leader of the Sicily chapter of Confindustria.

"Entrepreneurs cannot plan for the costs incurred by bureaucracy and the bottlenecks created ad hoc that allow the mafia to worm its way in," said the Confindustria representative for legality. "Paradoxically those who decide to invest in Sicily are more afraid of bureaucracy than of the mafia because the latter can be fought with support from the judiciary, police and associations".