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Behaviour of police officers, lawyer 'alarming' says judge

Trio accused of collaborating with the 'Ndrangheta mafia

25 February, 17:25
Behaviour of police officers, lawyer 'alarming' says judge (See related) (ANSA) - Vibo Valentia, February 25 - The behavior of two police officers and a lawyer accused of helping the Calabrian 'Ndrangheta mafia was "alarming...devastating," an investigating judge said Tuesday.

Abigail Mellace said the two officers, Maurizio Lento and Emanuele Rodonò, as well as lawyer Anthony Carmelo Galati are being investigated.

Mellace said that wiretaps used in the investigation allegedly showed that the trio had mafia associations.

A third police officer is also under investigation.

Lenton and Rodonò, the former head and the former deputy head of the flying squad in the town of Vibo Valentia, allegedly tipped off the lawyer about past probes into the Mancuso clan.

Lento was arrested at Messina police HQ where he currently works while Rodonò was taken into custody in his office at Rome's flying squad. Officials said that by collaborating, the accused helped the mafia clan to become further entrenched.

Galati defended several Mancuso clan leaders in their native town of Limbadi near the coastal city of Vibo Valentia. 'Ndrangheta is Italy's richest and most dangerous mafia, dominating the European cocaine trade.