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Renzi pledges 'bold, innovative vision' for Italy

Premier seeks Senate confidence to bring country 'out of crisis'

24 February, 14:59
Renzi pledges 'bold, innovative vision' for Italy (ANSA) - Rome, February 24 - Premier Matteo Renzi promised Monday to deliver "a bold...innovative" vision for Italy if the Senate delivers a vote of confidence in his new government, sworn in on Saturday. "We ask for the confidence (of the Senate) with our bold vision and, I hope, innovation," he said, adding he approached the Senate with "frankness".

Renzi, Italy's youngest premier at 39, faces the first of two key votes with the Senate casting ballots Monday night, followed by the House Tuesday night. He added that it was somewhat unusual "in these times to ask for trust, but that does not go out of fashion".

"We are committed to dealing with the urgent and non-deferrable necessity of getting Italy of the crises," added Renzi.

"We are a country grown rusty, mired in a stifling bureaucracy".