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Renzi mocked on Internet, social media sites

Italy's new premier teased for marketing prowess

24 February, 17:34
Renzi mocked on Internet, social media sites (See related) (ANSA) - Rome, February 24 - As Premier Matteo Renzi delivered a major speech Monday to the Senate, urging support for his fledgling government via a confidence vote, the Internet was buzzing with jokes about Italy's youngest-ever premier.

Comparisons were made to the energetic reformer Renzi and Pope Francis, who has been in his job for less than a year and already known for making deep reforms to the substance and style of the Catholic Church.

Others turned to the impersonations of Renzi by comedian Maurizio Crozza, who dons a big wig and bigger teeth to mock the telegenic 39-year-old premier.

Some made fun of Renzi's emphasis on youth, including the many references to his age and the fact that his slimmed-down, 16-member cabinet includes two young women who are just 33.

On Twitter, some mocked Renzi's pledges to pass major reforms to Italy's dysfunctional electoral law by the end of February - only four days off.

Some compared Renzi to ex-premier Silvio Berlusconi, who was elected three times, in part, due to his communication and marketing skills.

Others complained Renzi was only a "puppet" of senior established politicians.

But supporters stood up for him, calling his Senate speech "fantastic".