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Beaten-up taxi driver to be taken off life support

Son says 'Dad is dead' after road-rage incident

24 February, 20:11
Beaten-up taxi driver to be taken off life support (ANSA) - Milan, February 24 - A 68-year-old taxi driver who suffered serious injuries including cerebral hemorrhaging after being beat up in a road-rage altercation Sunday in Milan will not survive, his brother said on Monday.

Medical staff have said "there is nothing more we can do for him," Andrea Famoso, the brother of the victim told ANSA in the hospital waiting room. The taxi driver, Aflredo Famoso, had undergone surgery but the injuries sustained proved too severe. The man who physically assaulted the driver had said he was leaving the scene of the altercation to pick up his pregnant wife who wasn't well and that he would return, giving a false number to a police officer on the scene of the crime. He has been taken in for questioning and has a police record.

Federico Famoso, the son of the victim, posted a message on Facebook on Monday morning announcing that his father was on life support but that he would soon be taken off it, asking his friends and family to ''pray for my father''.