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Renzi tells president he's ready to form government

PD leader to become Italy's youngest premier

21 February, 19:21
Renzi tells president he's ready to form government (ANSA) - Rome, February 21 - Premier-designate Matteo Renzi told President Giorgio Napolitano Friday that he had dropped his formal "reservation" about accepting a government-formation mandate from the head of State and was ready to lead a new executive. The Democratic Party (PD) leader and his new cabinet are set to be sworn in on Saturday at 11:00 local time and the administration will face confidence votes in parliament early next week.

The 39-year-old will become Italy's youngest-ever premier after last week torpedoing the coalition government led by his PD colleague Enrico Letta for being too slow on enacting reforms to streamline the political system and revive the country's troubled economy.

Renzi will also be the third consecutive premier not directly elected by the Italian people.

Deals between parties led to the creation of Letta's administration after last year's inconclusive general election and the emergency technocrat government of Mario Monti in 2011.

Renzi said this week that the new administration will be supported by the same majority as Letta's, with outgoing Interior Minister Angelino Alfano's New Centre Right (NCD) as junior partner.