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Renzi expected to see Napolitano at 16:00

To present cabinet list ahead of confident votes Monday, Tuesday

21 February, 12:30
Renzi expected to see Napolitano at 16:00 (see previous) (ANSA) - Rome, February 21 - Premier-designate Matteo Renzi is expected to tell President Giorgio Napolitano he is ready to form a government at 16:00 Friday, sources in his Democratic Party (PD) said. The timing of Renzi's visit to the presidential palace to present his cabinet list has not been officially confirmed. If Renzi wins confidence votes in the two houses of parlaiemtn expected on Monday and Tuesday, at 39 he would be Italy's youngest premier and the third in a row who has not been elected.

The PD leader has raised hope he can enact sweeping reforms and live up to his nickname of Demolition Man.