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Inflation in Italy stays flat at 0.7%

Rate remains at lowest level in four years

21 February, 10:34
Inflation in Italy stays flat at 0.7% (ANSA) - Rome, February 22 - Italy's annual inflation rate remained flat at 0.7% in January, the same as December and November and the lowest level since November 2009, national statistics agency Istat said in its preliminary estimate Tuesday.

At the start of 2013, Istat recalled, it was more than triple at 2.2%.

Italy's long recession has dampened price rises.

A two-year run of negative growth ended in the third quarter of last year, when GDP was flat with respect to the April-June period. It then rose 0.1% in the final quarter.

Istat said prices were 0.2% higher in January than in December.

Istat's index for the 'trolley' of most-frequently bought goods such as food and fuel dropped to 1.1% in January on an annual basis, compared to 1.2% in December.