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5 mn euros seized from jailed Casalesi death-squad leader

Giuseppe Setola's team killed 18 including 6 African immigrants

21 February, 12:06
5 mn euros seized from jailed Casalesi death-squad leader (ANSA) - Caserta, February 21 - Italian police on Friday seized five million euros in assets from a jailed death-squad leader of the notorious clan in the Neapolitan Camorra mafia.

Flats, villas, companies and bank accounts were part of the assets seized or frozen from Giuseppe Setola, serving multiple life terms for leading a Casalesi execution team that between May 2 and December 12 2008 murdered 18 people, including six West African immigrants. Setola, a member of the Casalesi clan whose death threats have forced anti-mafia writer Roberto Saviano into hiding, was arrested after a manhunt on January 14, 2009 and is now under a tough prison regime usually reserved for mafia bosses.

The mobster, formerly one of Italy's most wanted criminals, had previously eluded capture twice, on one occasion crawling through a long tunnel built under his house where police found sawn-off shotguns, pistols and medication for a fake eye condition.

On December 21 Italian police on Friday arrested a doctor and lawyer who falsely certified that Setola was blind, enabling him to skip house arrest and wage his war.

Ophthalmologist Aldo Fronterre' and lawyer Girolamo Casella allegedly gave Setola the certificates that enabled him to be granted house arrest in 2007.

Setola escaped from Fronterre's clinic in the northern Italian city of Pavia on April 7, 2008, setting in motion the so-called 'season of massacres' that peaked on September 18 when the West African immigrants, linked according to some reports to the drug trade, were slain in Castel Volturno north of Naples.