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Remains of British WWII soldiers identified in Salerno

Two men were positioned on "Hill 270" prior to German attack

20 February, 20:25
Remains of British WWII soldiers identified in Salerno (ANSA) - Salerno, February 20 - The remains of two soldiers discovered on Thursday morning in the hillsides between the country neighbourhoods of Capezzano and Coperchia, which are part of the wider municipality of Pellezzano, in the Southern Italian province of Salerno, have been identified as World War Two British military personnel. The discovery of the remains had been made by three volunteers of the 'Salerno 1943' association carrying out a recognisance tour of the hilltop that was the battleground of the bloodies "Avalanche" operation in 1943. The soldiers were identified as being British from the munitions that were found close by. The two likely died in a German attack, and were hurriedly and provisionally buried by the victors after they took control of the area, causing their whereabouts to be unknown until today. The military position in question had been denominated as "Hill 270" by U.K. military forces involved in local combat, and features in the memoirs of British soldier Christopher Bulteel, who was personally involved in fighting in the area. Control of the zone was taken by British troops on September 22, 1943, without much bloodshed, though they immediately lost control of the area to the Germans when the latter launched an attack. Various British soldiers are reported to have lost their lives in the fighting.