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Piedmont administration appeals against vote annulment

Petition to Supreme Court will not affect May elections - Cota

20 February, 15:37
Piedmont administration appeals against vote annulment (ANSA) - Turin, February 20 - The Piedmont regional government announced Thursday it would appeal against a decision by the country's top administrative court to annul the results of 2010 regional elections on grounds of voting irregularities. The centre-right administration led by Governor Roberto Cota of the anti-immigrant Northern League said it would lodge an appeal with the supreme Court of Cassation, Italy's highest court, against the Council of State ruling.

"We read the explanation and were extremely perplexed by the possible violations of law, particularly concerning jurisdictional power being exceeded," said Cota. The decision to appeal against the ruling had been taken out of "respect" for the Piedmontese and their vote, which the governor said was "fully legitimate".

However Cota said the fresh legal action would not affect elections for a new regional government, which are scheduled to take place together with European elections in late May.

In January the Piedmont regional administrative court (TAR) ruled in favor of an appeal from former center-left Piedmont governor Mercedes Bresso, who narrowly lost to Cota by a 0.4% margin in the 2010 polls.

The ruling came after Cota confidant Michele Giovine was handed a binding sentence of two years and eight months for falsifying ballots.

The Council of State subsequently upheld the decision, making new elections necessary.

Cota's win enabled Berlusconi's government to claim a clear victory in the 2010 March 28-29 regional elections, taking four regions from the centre left.