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Transsexual protests tax row by stripping naked in Milan

Efe Bal demands status as prostitute recognised

19 February, 17:56
Transsexual protests tax row by stripping naked in Milan (ANSA) - Milan, February 19 - A well-known transsexual stripped naked in front of the headquarters of Italian daily Corriere della Sera in Milan on Wednesday to protest against being chased for almost half a million euros in unpaid taxes by the local inland revenue even though her profession as a prostitute is not recognized by the State.

Efe Bal was forced to put her clothes back on by police who were drawn to the scene of her demonstration in front of the newspaper's building over a 425,000-euro tax bill from the Equitalia state agency.

She may face charges of obscene acts in public.

The transsexual said that she intends to meet her fiscal obligations, providing her profession is recognized officially so as to be able to benefit from social-security contributions.

"I have never evaded taxes, and I do this for all the transsexuals that work in Italy", the Brazilian escort said.