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Transport minister slams 'terrorist' threat against TAV line

'Criminal ravings' that besmirch partisan heritage says Lupi

19 February, 18:06
Transport minister slams 'terrorist' threat against TAV line (see previous).

(ANSA) - Rome, February 19 - Italian Transport Minister Maurizio Lupi on Wednesday condemned a "terrorist" threat against a high-speed rail (TAV) link between Italy and France, saying militant group NOA were besmirching the memory of northern Italian WWII Resistance fighters.

"The so-called NOA (Nuclei Armati Operativi) should stop dragging the memory of the partisans through the mud with their criminal ravings, and disfiguring words like freedom and liberation," Lupi said in a statement.

Lupi said the NOA's threat to carry out executions, like the partisans did against Nazis and collaborators, showed that the No TAV movement had now been backed by extremist militants. "Behind the opposition to the TAV a terrorist design is now manifesting itself, as Turin prosecutors have denounced for some time, which speaks without historical memory about 'proletarian and revolutionary consciences', 'revolutionary courts' and 'death sentences'," Lupi said.

The No TAV movement, which has clashed with police and been blamed for acts of sabotage, condemned the NOA and reiterated it was engaged in a programme of civil disobedience that refused "violence against persons".