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Ex-Ligresti relative arrested for sexual assault

Former father-in-law of Jonella Ligresti arrested w/40-yr-old

19 February, 15:03
Ex-Ligresti relative arrested for sexual assault (ANSA) - Brescia, February 19 - The Carabinieri paramilitary police on Wednesday arrested an ex-relative of the Ligresti family, a once powerful business dynasty now involved a corruption case before the courts.

Giovanni Bonomelli, 62, along with Michela Righetti, 40, are accused of sexual assault on a 16-year-old girl, who is now staying in a recovery facility in the Brescia area. Bonomelli's son Omar was formerly married to - but is separated from - Jonella Ligresti, daughter of the family patriarch Salvatore Ligresti. Salvatore and Jonella Ligresti, along with another daughter Giulia, were arrested in July 2013 for alleged involvement in cooking the books at the Fonsai insurance group.

Jonella's former father-in-law is a businessman and founder of the Brescia-based chain of Lautari drug rehabilitation facilities in Italy. The older Bonomelli also was arrested in 1992 on accusations of committing fraud in the copper sector.

Bonomelli was taken to a hospital after complaining of sudden illness, where he remains under guard. Righetti has been taken to the Verziano prison. Investigators said they learned of sexual relations between the two adults and the teenager during a probe into the murder of Tiziano Stabile, a man found dead at the end of November in the parking lot of an industrial zone near Brescia. The murder is believed to be related to drug-dealing.