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Resist temptation by listening to Jesus says pope

Christ 'gives us confidence' says Francis

18 February, 16:29
Resist temptation by listening to Jesus says pope (ANSA) - Vatican City, February 18 - Resisting temptation is only possible "when listening to the Word of Jesus," Pope Francis said at a Mass in his Vatican hostel St Martha's House Tuesday. Despite our weaknesses, Christ always gives us the necessary confidence to withstand it, Francis said. "Temptation manifests itself as a harmless attraction and ends up turning into a cage. Rather than trying to escape, more often we try to minimize the slavery, being deaf to the Word of God," said the pope. A temptation "looks for another to keep it company, it is contagious" and "in growing, in being contagious, the temptation closes us in in an environment where you can't get out easily. "And so, when we are tempted, we do not hear the Word of God, we don't hear. We don't understand. "When we are tempted, only the Word of God, the Word of Jesus saves us, hearing that Word that opens the horizon... He is always willing to teach us how to escape from temptation. And Jesus is great because He not only brings us out of temptation, but gives us more confidence".

This confidence, the pope said, is "a great strength when we are tempted: the Lord waits for us... trusts us who are so tempted, who are sinners... He always opens horizons". On the other hand, Pope Francis said, the devil, "with temptation, closes, closes, closes". And not to be "imprisoned" by this type of environment, he concluded, is possible only "when listening to the Word of Jesus".