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Renzi pledges major reforms in first 100 days of office

Changes to election law, labour and tax policies by end of May

17 February, 17:52
Renzi pledges major reforms in first 100 days of office (ANSA) - Rome, February 17 - Premier-designate Matteo Renzi has crafted "a concrete program" with goals including reforms to Italy's electoral laws, labour and tax policies as well as public administration, by the end of May an official with Renzi's Democratic Party (PD) said Monday.

Senator Rosa Maria Di Giorgi, a member of the PD's national leadership, said that Renzi, who is chief of the party, has a plan with fixed dates for achieving each reform goal - likely, one per month.

All are to be achieved by the end of May, she said, which would give Renzi approximately 100 days to achieve his goals.

"There is in this (program) a concreteness," she said.

Renzi is aware of "the urgent needs of the citizens who must give concrete answers," in these crucial areas, she said, adding that other political parties should support Renzi in trying to pull Italy "from the swamp". She spoke soon after Renzi was given a mandate to try to form a government from Italian President Giorgio Napolitano on Monday. The premier-designate must now hold talks scheduled to begin Tuesday with other parties on setting a government program and forming a new cabinet.

If successful, the 39-year-old will become the youngest Italian premier in history.

Renzi forced Enrico Letta's ouster as premier last Thursday at a meeting of the PD, the largest party in parliament, in which they voted almost unanimously to pull support from one of their own for failing to move more swiftly towards reforms to streamline government and jumpstart an economy ravaged by record youth unemployment and crippling debt as the country comes out of its worst postwar recession. After receiving his government-formation mandate Monday, Renzi vowed to complete electoral reforms by the end of February, followed "immediately afterward by labor reforms in March, public-administration reforms in April and fiscal (reforms) in May". An election-reform bill he negotiated with ex-premier Silvio Berlusconi is scheduled to go before the House Tuesday.