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Renzi has what it takes says Blair

'Dynamic, creative, strong, realistic, idealistic'

17 February, 17:49
Renzi has what it takes says Blair (ANSA) - London, February 17 - Premier-designate Matteo Renzi has what it takes to lead Italy, former UK prime minister Tony Blair told ANSA on Monday.

"The challenges are absolutely formidable, but Matteo is dynamic, creative and strong enough to make it. He has the right combination of realism and idealism for the times we are living in", the Labour Party politician said.

Renzi, 39, was given a mandate to try to form a government from Italian President Giorgio Napolitano earlier on Monday.

The Democratic Party (PD) chief has often been compared to a the charismatic young Blair who achieved a Labour landslide after years of Conservative dominance and plotted a 'Third Way' that combined post-Thatherite economic policies with leftwing social ones.