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Italian transgender Luxuria stages new gay protest in Sochi

Former MP shouts "It's OK to be gay" inside Olympic park

17 February, 17:58
Italian transgender Luxuria stages new gay protest in Sochi (ANSA) - Sochi, February 17 - Italian transgender ex-MP Vladimir Luxuria staged a fresh protest in Sochi on Monday when she shouted "it's OK to be gay" at cameras while wearing a rainbow outfit inside the Olympic Park. On Sunday she was detained by police but released without charge after showing a banner reading "it's OK to be gay" in Russian in the area of the site of the Winter Olimpics. Luxuria, who is now also an actor and television personality after becoming Italy's first openly transgender MP in 2006, is protesting against Russia's laws outlawing gay propaganda in the presence of children.

She told ANSA earlier on Monday that she planned to attend the women's Olympic hockey semifinals between Canada and Switzerland, and suggested she would demonstrate in some way, while stressing she was unsure if it would step over the boundaries of the law against gay propaganda.

Luxuria also appealed to premier-designate Matteo Renzi to defend gay rights.

"I ask the new premier Rnezi no to forget civil rights when he talks to world leaders about economic issues," she said.