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Renzi 'heir of Machiavelli' says German daily SZ

But could be 'next giraffe destroyed by PD' says FAZ

15 February, 18:18
Renzi 'heir of Machiavelli' says German daily SZ (ANSA) - Berlin, February 15 - Florence Mayor and likely new Italian premier Matteo Renzi's ouster of Democratic Party (PD) colleague Enrico Letta has shown he is a worthy heir of Niccolò Macchiavelli, the Florentine Renaissance proponent of realpolitik, German daily Sueddeutsche Zeitung said Saturday. The Bavarian paper said the PD leader apparently acted on a key precept of power plays laid down in Machiavelli's masterpiece The Prince when he "threw party friend Enrico Letta out the window very coldly". SZ said the 39-year-old premier-in-waiting was "very different" from his 47-year-old predecessor, "young, charismatic and energetic", with a "will to power" in wanting to scrap the old guard.

Compared to Letta's unassuming manner, SZ said, Renzi has "double the charisma" and he knows how to "whip up popular enthusiasm".

But he won't pursue very different policies from Letta's, it said.

"Europe can count on the fact that he will call into question the EU's 3% limit on budget deficits". The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, on the other hand, warned Renzi that he could be "the next giraffe" destroyed by the PD, recalling this week's headline-grabbing case at a Danish zoo.

Der Spiegel, under the headline "Italy's Tony Blair," said that now "everything will become different, colourful, dynamic and perhaps even revolutionary".

Die Welt headlined Letta Gives Way To Renzi, Berlusconi's Comeback Could Succeed over an article echoing Friday's fears voiced by Bild that the changeover might give opportunities to the three-time premier, media magnate and centre-right opposition leader, who is gearing to combat Renzi despite a ban from office on a tax-fraud conviction.