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Renzi to attend Fiorentina-Inter Saturday night

Govt mandate likely Sunday

15 February, 16:32
Renzi to attend Fiorentina-Inter Saturday night (see previous).

(ANSA) - Rome, February 15 - Florence Mayor Matteo Renzi said he was planning to attend the Serie A game between Fiorentina and Inter Milan Saturday night, making it more likely he will receive a government-formation mandate Sunday.

The Democratic Party (PD) leader met writer Alessandro Baricco, touted as culture minister, and Andrea Guerra, CEO of eyewear giant Luxottica, tipped to become industry minister.

The PD chief, who effectively ousted PD colleague Enrico Letta from the premier's office, was reportedly framing a raft of reforms that would amount to "shock therapy" for Italy's expensive and slow-moving political system and sputtering economy.

Italian President Giorgio Napolitano winds up party talks with the PD Saturday night before deciding on the mandate.

If he succeeds, Renzi would be Italy's third straight unelected premier after Mario Monti and Letta.