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Napolitano takes pause for thought after govt talks

'Intense' consultations expected to lead to Renzi mandate

15 February, 20:23
Napolitano takes pause for thought after govt talks (ANSA) - Rome, February 15 - President Giorgio Napolitano on Saturday wrapped up talks with Italy's parties aimed at forming a new government after Friday's enforced resignation of Democratic Party (PD) premier Enrico Letta.

Letta was forced out of office by PD chief Matteo Renzi, who is expected to be given a mandate to try to become Italy's youngest premier at the age of 39.

Napolitano did not indicate when he would hand Renzi the mandate, saying only that the talks had been "intense" and he had pushed them to completion "at maximum speed" in just over a day in order to give the future premier-designate more "time and serenity" to prepare his team and agenda.

Renzi, nicknamed Demolition Man for his long-declared wish to 'junk' the old guard and overhaul Italy's political system, is expected to be tapped either Sunday or Monday.