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Alfano wants to see govt plan, make-up before backing Renzi

'We'll say No if leftists come in' says NCD leader

15 February, 18:13
Alfano wants to see govt plan, make-up before backing Renzi (updates previous).

(ANSA) - Rome, February 15 - New Centre Right (NCD) leader Angelino Alfano said Saturday he wants to see Matteo Renzi's plans and the make-up of his coalition before committing his key support to the touted premier-in-waiting.

The NCD will not back the centre-left Democratic Party (PD) leader if he brings in "leftists", Alfano said after talks on a new government with President Giorgio Napolitano. "There is good will on our part but the outcome is uncertain because we want to see clearly" what Renzi's agenda and alliance would be," said Alfano, who served as deputy premier and interior minister in the just-ended administration of former PD deputy leader Enrico Letta. "If the make-up of the coalition moves left with the arrival of other forces, we'll say no".

There had been speculation some members of the leftist Left, Ecology and Freedom (SEL) party might join Renzi but SEL leader Nichi Vendola, the governor of Puglia, said earlier Saturday it would oppose the PD leader.

Alfano said he thought the effort to form a new government would take longer than expected. "If the programme is big there can be no haste: you cannot reach a deal in 48 hours," he said.

Reform Minister Gaetano Quagliariello, another NCD bigwig, said the party wanted a "German-style" governing pact.

Renzi, who effectively ousted party colleague Letta after a fractious 10-month left-right government, first with Silvio Berlusconi and then with the breakaway NCD, would be unable to govern without Alfano's continued support.