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'Over-attachment to parent grounds for marriage annulment'

Mamma can become 'real spouse' says Liguria Catholic judge

15 February, 15:10
'Over-attachment to parent grounds for marriage annulment' (ANSA) - Genoa, February 15 - An unhealthy attachment to parents is among the forms of "addiction" that may be claimed as grounds to annul marriages, an official in a regional Catholic Church court said Saturday.

Italians' famed loved for their parents, especially mothers, or 'mammismo', could be cited in court to help a case, Liguria Judicial Vicar Msgr Paolo Rigon said.

Mamma can become "psychologically, the real spouse" while the partner is relegated to the role of "a substitute", Rigon said.

In these cases of "pathological dependence," the judge said, mammismo results in "every choice, every move requiring the approval of the parent". Rigon, who recently irked gays by saying homosexuality was a treatable disease, added that one of the most common causes of annulment, sexual "deviations" that prevent the consummation of the marriage, "are due to lifestyle orientations rooted in experiences of one's youth". Catholics can have their marriages annulled if their petitions are approved by two levels of courts.

If the courts of first and second instance disagree, the case goes to to the highest Vatican court, the Roman Rota.