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Some 3.5 mln Italians smoke cannabis - report

Alarming heroin-use data

14 February, 18:00
Some 3.5 mln Italians smoke cannabis - report (ANSA) - Rome, February 14 - Some 22.5 million Europeans and 3.5 million Italians have made use of cannabis drugs in the past year, whilst cocaine users totalled 4 million in Europe and 520,000 in Italy, according to a new report on addictions released on Friday.

The use of antidepressants has risen, as have addictive gambling habits amongst Europeans and Italians, according to the report. Even so, cannabis remains, after alcohol, the most widely-used addictive substance both in Italy and in Europe. The Ipsad (Italian Population Survey on Alcohol and other Drugs) report drawn up by the Italian Institute of Clinical Physiology of the National Research Council of Pisa also presents alarming data on heroin use, showing that it was used in the last year by some 160,000 people.