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League's Salvini not sure if he will enter consultations

President wants talks on forming new government soon

14 February, 15:54
League's Salvini not sure if he will enter consultations (ANSA) - Rome, February 14 - The head of the regionalist Northern League said Friday he did not know if he would participate in consultations called by President Giorgio Napolitano following the resignation of Enrico Letta as premier.

Matteo Salvini said he felt "dismay" about the goings-on in Letta's Democratic Party (PD) that saw Letta tender his resignation after the party backed PD leader Matteo Renzi's call for a new government Thursday.

Florence Mayor Renzi, 39, is a hot tip to receive a mandate from Napolitano to form a government, becoming Italy's youngest-ever premier.

Napolitano has ordered consultations to continue Saturday with all parties on forming a new government "in the shortest time possible".

Salvini said the situation "seems a folly of the Democratic Party" at a time when the country has real emergencies, particularly in the economy and business world to resolve.

He said he was "still considering whether to go personally to the consultations," adding that while he found the situation "baffling" it was his duty to act in whatever ways are good for Italy's northern regions.