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CISL union leader demands tax cuts from Renzi

Bonanni calls for inversion of trend, sea-change to be introduce

14 February, 18:24
CISL union leader demands tax cuts from Renzi (ANSA) - Rome, February 14 - One of Italy's top trade unions called for the new government, which is likely to be formed in coming days by Democratic Party (PD) leader Matteo Renzi after Premier Enrico Letta tendered his resignation on Friday, to introduce a "dramatic" cut in taxes in order to spur economic growth in the eurozone's third-largest economy.

CISL leader Raffaele Bonanni called for a "sea-change" from the new government, starting with a "drastic reduction in taxes and a clear reversal of the trend regard all the factors that block investments, which are bogged down by delays, by lobby group vetoes and by the quagmire of bureaucracy".