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Modena couple named 'Righteous Among Nations'

Holocaust heroics saved Jewish family in WWII

13 February, 14:40
Modena couple named 'Righteous Among Nations' (ANSA) - Modena, February 13 - A couple from northern Italy have been named two of Israel's "Righteous Among The Nations" for risking their lives during World War II to hide a Jewish family. Maria Pini and Luigi Succi, from the town of Verica di Pavullo near Modena, harbored the family from Bologna for nearly two years between 1943 and 1945. "We're very grateful. This honors us as representatives from the community of Modena," said Provincial Governor Emilio Sabattini. In addition to joining the ranks of Oskar Schindler at Jerusalem's Holocaust museum and memorial Yad Vashem, Pini and Succi will be added to a plaque honoring Jew rescuers in Modena, bringing the tally to 10 names.