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Ilva owner Emilio Riva indicted for tax fraud

Riva Group founder accused of falsifying 2007 tax return

13 February, 16:57
Ilva owner Emilio Riva indicted for tax fraud (ANSA) - Milan, February 13 - A preliminary hearings judge in Milan on Thursday indicted the owner of the troubled ILVA steelworks in Taranto for an alleged massive tax fraud.

Emilio Riva was indicted together with two former company managers and a former Deutche Bank manager for tax evasion to the tune of 52 million euros. The four are accused of declaring false losses in 2007 in order to pay less tax in Italy.

Finance police say that year's profits were transferred abroad to countries with more favourable tax regimes. Italy's inland revenue agency subsequently disputed the return and Ilva has since paid out around 65 million euros.