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Super Pope mural reappears in L'Aquila central square

IMage of Francis as white-caped crusader on closed shop

12 February, 15:23
Super Pope mural reappears in L'Aquila central square (ANSA) - L'Aquila, February 12 - A mural depicting Pope Francis as a superhero has reappeared in L'Aquila after being removed last month from a wall near Vatican City, local press reported on Wednesday.

The briefly famous work - removed by city cleaning services two days after it appeared in Rome - showed Francis as the white-caped crusader of Marvel Comics in mid-flight, rosary swinging around his neck and glasses firmly perched on his nose as he swings a battered black briefcase with "Valores" - the values of the pontificate - printed on the side.

Fist in air, muscular physique, wearing the iron cross that has substituted the gold one of his predecessors, the pope portrait was such a hit that Vatican communications staff posted about it on their official Twitter account.

The mural sticker has now shown up on the window of a shuttered store in the historic, central square of the central Italian city L'Aquila, where the cathedral is located.

The store is one of 900 shops that closed down after the April 6 2009 earthquake that killed 297 people.

Roman artist Mauro Pallotta said he chose to make his Super Pope appear in L'Aquila on the anniversary of the appearance of Our Lady of Lourdes in France, which has become World Day of the Sick, in an interview with the Abruzzo Molise insert of the newspaper Il Tempo.

Pallotta said the timing and location was fitting because L'Aquila is "still a very wounded city that needs positivity, like its citizens".