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Medieval burial site found near Florence's Uffizi museum

Possibly victims of plague, archeologists say

12 February, 17:58
Medieval burial site found near Florence's Uffizi museum (ANSA) - Florence, February 12 - A building site near the Uffizi museum has uncovered what archeologists believe could be a mass burial site dating back to the sixth or seventh century AD, possibly during a plague.

The dig found 60 bodies laid out head-to-toe in a manner that could indicate hasty burial and need to optimize space in view of many more deaths, possibly because of a fatal epidemic.

"The remains have been unearthed over five months, and bear no evidence of trauma," said Tuscany Archeology Superintendent Andrea Pessina. "We will conduct DNA and carbon-14 tests to determine the cause and time of death, as well as information on diet, pathologies, and work-related stresses at the time".

The entire operation is being filmed in 3D for future museum exhibitions.