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Girl beaten up by gang of peers in Parma

Sparked by jealousy, evidence on Facebook

12 February, 16:11
Girl beaten up by gang of peers in Parma (ANSA) - Parma, February 12 - The latest in a series of cases of case of bullying among Italian youths came to light on Wednesday. The case of a girl who was kicked and punched by five girls of the same age and who suffered a broken nose and bruises as a result is being investigated by a juvenile court, reported La Gazzetta di Parma.

All of the suspects are under age 18, and the incident allegedly occurred after the girl drew the attention of a boy who was 'dating' another young girl. The latter called on her friends to help her beat up her 'rival in love'.

Research done by the Italian non-profit organization Label last year found that bullying among youths was rising in Italy and that some 60% of children who are bullies in their youth are likely to become delinquents, use drugs, abuse alcohol and spend time in jail as they get older, according to the study's findings.

Based on the interviews conducted as part of the research, boys were the victims of bullying less often than girls (19% compared to 23%).

There was no video footage documenting the attack - unlike a similar, recent incident in the northern Italian town of Bollate - but traces were found on social networks, including Facebook.