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Defence minister says marines case not just bilateral

Italy-EU envoy says Ashton doing 'important work' on India case

12 February, 16:48
Defence minister says marines case not just bilateral (See related) (ANSA) - Rome, February 12 - The Italian defence minister on Wednesday said Italy's case on behalf of two marines held in India for killing two fishermen on an anti-piracy mission in 2012 must also be won within the United Nations and acknowledged as an global issue.

"On the case of the marines, the government has set clear two actions: one is the internationalization of the case, so the tug of war with the UN must be won for this," Mario Mauro told the La7 television channel.

"One can't think it is a matter only between Italy and India, for one simple reason.

"It deals with two soldiers on a national mission, but which responds to a global society need, which is to put a stop to piracy and terrorism".

Italy's Permanent Representative to the EU, Stefano Sannino, on Wednesday expressed satisfaction for support Italy has received on a European level.

The Italian ambassador told an Italian parliament committee that Catherine Ashton, the EU high commissioner for foreign affairs, was doing "important work" for the marines.

"She expressed clear positions in the last (EU) foreign affairs council," Sannino said, adding she had done the same also "in declarations and in clear positions last Council Foreign Affairs "yesterday" in declarations and contacts with the Indian authorities